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Keeping pace with the times – Digitalization in the area of tourism and events


Bankettprofi Österreich is a valued partner of the Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg for several years now. Every year a dozen students achieve the additional qualification for the leading event software “Bp Event” in event business – an important qualification to enter the job market

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The students get to know the structure as well as the advantages of a database. “We repeatedly encounter companies in our everyday life which indeed see the development of their business in digitalization but do not make use of it

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. Hence, we discovered that digitalisation is not always recognized as a strategic investment for the future. Single solutions are procured and operated without looking at the overall picture. This leads to a patchwork system,” says Urs Bürki from Bankettprofi Österreich.

Event organizers and caterer, congress and event centres, seminars and banquets have one thing in common: they need to ensure the communication between the single divisions, employees and customers. Most of the times they try to solve these tasks separately:  This leads to the fact that everything is recorded multiple times, copied or corrected. Hence, during every single process theravoid errors.

In the seminars of the Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg it is emphasized that managers must consider digitalisation a strategic concept within a company. If one looks at the company in view of digitalization on a strategic level, connections soon become evident. In the end it is clear: the systems must communicate. “The software Bp Event is open in all directions in order to receive, send or exchange data with other systems.”e is the risk of losing data, transferring them wrongly or forgetting them
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This strategic approach regarding investments in communication technology is an important element of the seminars at the Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg. Users do not only learn the application of the software but in thought they are also introduced to the cross-divisional communication system.