ACADEMY OF TOURISM AND TASTE - Hotel Management School



In the cooking and service classes you will acquire the necessary skills for your future profession. In our theory classes, we are dealing with essential topics for your professional future life – tourism, languages and commercial subjects. After 3 years you will conclude your vocational training and furthermore, you are awarded with a license as entrepreneur allowing you to open your own business.


…taste & lifestyle trends with regional potential, practical focus on regional taste, food crafting, creative cooking. Excursions and workshops in co-operation with our regional partners are an integral part of our curriculum.


  • how to produce and commercialize tasty products, regionally and sustainably – during classes, at workshops, events and company visits and what it means for the region and how you can take roots with your own ideas.
  • everything around the topic of the “perfect host” in workshops, hotel/restaurant tours and practical training sessions in our regional partner companies. You will see how companies are organized, learn how to communicate with guests and in the team and how to make people happy with friendliness, commitment and creativity.
  • about new trends in the area of taste, wellness, culinary art and travelling. Thereby you will also see which chances come along with digitalization, how to use online marketing best or which possibilities arise from the use of social media.


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  • Recent trends in the regional hotel trade & gastronomy
  • Taste & lifestyle trends with regional potential
  • Planning & founding of a restaurant business
  • Practical focus on regional taste
  • Food Crafting, Creative Cooking
  • Numerous additional training programmes are offered
  • Excursions and workshops on the topic of wine growing, event catering and the world of taste with regional partners


In order to offer a practical orientated training, we do work together with successful, regional partners:

The Academy of Tourism and Taste is perfect for you if

  • you are interested lifestyle trends and sustainability and working with people
  • you like good food & drinks and culinary, especially regional one.
  • you are creative and you love to work with your hands

Then become a hotel manager or culinary expert by completing the 3-year training at the Academy of Tourism and Taste.

All facts at a glance

  • After the 8th school level
  • 3 year training, taught in German
  • Training focus:
    hotel and catering management as well as taste & lifestyle
  • 24 weeks of practical training in the touristic sector at home and abroad
  • Graduation:
    Diploma examination
    3 teaching professions: hotel and catering assistant, restaurant manager, cook
    Professional title: Hotel Manager
    Entrepreneur examination and qualification examination
    Additional qualifications

Further information

The hotel and catering industry is part of an extensive and exciting field of work.
The training focuses are in particular:

  • Trends in the hotel and catering industry
  • Important reservation systems
  • Event coordination and operations
  • Quality and complaint management
  • Planning and establishing a hotel and restaurant business
  • Recent trends in the regional hotel trade & gastronomy
  • Taste & lifestyle trends with regional potential
  • Planning & founding of a restaurant business
  • Practical focus on regional taste
  • Food crafting and creative cooking

Our additional qualifications are a real bonus for your curriculum and hence, a clear competition advantage. According to training program and availability, the following qualifications are offered. (Keep in mind, that parallel to the regular curriculum only a selection of courses are manageable.):

Part of the education:

  • Concierge 4.0
  • Junior barkeeper
  • Junior wine sommelier
  • Coffee connoisseurs

In the leisure time:

  • Event catering
  • Digital tourism tool 4.0
  • Energy manager for tourism
  • Sustainability manager for tourism
  • Cheese connoisseur
  • Social media editors
  • Language certificates

Practice makes perfect! During your training, you need to complete 24 weeks of practical training in a touristic business at home or abroad, before terminating your third year of training. Whether as waiter, cook, receptionist or elsewhere, is completely up to you. The internship during the summer break is part of the training program. The internship is mandatory. We are more than happy to support you during your search with our excellent contacts and our network.



Our regional partners offer tailor-made intership programs that enable you to train in different positions and departments during on single intership in order to get a 360° overview.

Before you decide to start a training at the Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg, we cordially invite you to come and try for a day, including also an overnight stay.

  • Successful conclusion of the 8th school level
  • Entrance interview
  • If necessary, successfully concluded admission exam (M,D,E)
    General secondary school (Hauptschule): 3rd level of performance
    New secondary school (Neue Mittelschule): after a basic general education with a mark lower than “satisfactory”
    Secondary modern school (Realschule):depending on the performance level and the respective mark
    No entrance examination: Academic upper secondary school, polytecnic school, school of home economics and domestic science school

An investment that pays!

The investment in the training at the Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg is worth its money because the focus lies on the transmission of contents which are required in today’s and future economy and thus, grant every graduate a clear competition bonus.

In this short period of time of 3 years the pupils will will get well prepared for their working life. The reputation of the extraordinary education at the Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg precedes them. Hence, our graduates are known to be among the most demanded workforces in the Austrian and international tourism industry with more career opportunities and a better earning potential.

Furthermore, our graduates have access to an international network of almost 7,000 graduates – because it is not only important what you know but also who you know.

Costs 2023/24

Basically, student fees are paid in eight monthly instalments. . In case of an advanced annual payment, we grant you a discount of 4% and for an advanced payment per semester, a 2% discount will be offered.

Boarding house student fees, Academy of Tourism and Taste – Hotelfachschule (tuition & boarding house fees)

CostsEU citizensNon-EU citizens
Costs per year8,201.00 €10,530,00 €
Partial amount (8x/year)1,025.13 €1,316.25 €

Tuition fee für external students of the Academy of Tourism and Taste – Hotelfachschule *

External school feesEU citizens
Costs per year4,937.00 €
Partial amount (8x/year)617.13 €

Information concerning costs

What is included in these costs?

  • training, accommodation
  • full board and full-time assistance through coaches and assistants
  • all materials for culinary and F&B subjects
  • study weekends with teachers
  • study afternoon classes with assistance
  • free use of all facilities on the campus (eg. fitness studio)
  • Windows Office package & copy card bonus € 30,-/year

What else is required?

The following is not included: knives, teaching material as well as school and working clothes.

Information concerning the payment in eight monthly instalments

The school and boarding school fees will be debited from your bank account in advance (each time from September 1st to April 1st) in eight monthly instalments.

Information concerning external school attendance

The tourism schools Bad Gleichenberg are managed as full-time boarding school and hence, all students and pupils are accommodated on the campus. An external school attendance is possible only for students who have their main residence within district Süd-Oststeiermark since or if they are already 18 years when starting school.

Tourism, culinary and lifestyle trends

In our Academy of Tourism and Taste you will learn what it means to be an culinary and hospitality expert.

hours per week per class
General education, foreign languages and media
History and political education-3-
Biology and ecology2--
Office management and IT222
Tourism and economy
Tourism geography--2
Tourism marketing-32
Culture and tourism in Austria-2-
Business administration and economics (incl. focus)222
Accounting (incl. focus)333
Catering and hospitality
Kitchen organisation and cooking433
Service organisation, service and beverages433
Specialisation: wine-junior sommelier,
cheese connoisseur or junior-barkeeper
Practical training332
Physical education (incl. animation)222
Culinary craft121
Compulsory exercise
Self development1--
Total hours per week343833

Compulsory internship: 24 weeks before entering the third year of study

Your contact person

Andrea Legenstein-Habersack

Tel.: +43 3159 22 09 105
Fax: +43 3159 22 09 7105

Manfred Kalcher

The training at the Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg probably laid the foundation for my future career due to the competence and enthusiasm of the teachers and thus, I never wanted to be something else apart from a successful hotel manager.

Manfred Kalcher

CEO Spa Resort Geinberg, HFS 1972

Christian Schweinzer

No matter where, in every small place on earth, you find former students of Gleichenberg who support and understand each other!

Christian Schweinzer

CEO Blackrock – The Recruiting and Career Company, HFS 1993