Discover the world of tourism and get to know the tourism schools in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria!

Spend a free school day with us and stay overnight in one of our boarding school or in the student house.
So you can get to know the school, boarding school/student house, pupils, teachers, staff,…

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. and experience our campus life best!

For the trial days you need:

  • elegant clothes for the lessons (if available: suitable shoes, ladies: Blazer, blouse, skirt or trousers; men’ s: jacket, shirt, trousers and tie)
  • washing things
  • towels
  • pyjama

During the lessons we ask you to wear elegant clothes.
For the participation of practical lessons (cooking and serving) you will be provided with a work coat

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. We will also provide you with bed linen.

You can send us the  printed registration form  by post, fax or e-mail
. Please let us know your preferred date and alternate date and clarify it with your school. Your desired dates will be coordinated with our classes. You will receive a personal invitation with the timetable..

Address for registration:

Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg
Sandra Siegl
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße 18
8344 Bad Gleichenberg
T: 03159 22 09-101
F: 03159 22 09-22

Your contact person

Sandra Siegl

Tel.: 03159 22 09-101
Fax: 03159 22 09-7101