School uniform

We represent our school with our uniform school and working clothes.

Especially in tourism a professional look and first-class appearance play an essential role.

At our school, we have a dress code – uniform school and working clothes. By that our community feeling, the identification with our school as well as the brand “Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg” shall be reinforced. Another important aspect is also the practical preparation for a successful career.

School clothing

The company Hiebaum in Studenzen designed our school clothes for our pupils and students which they wear during classes

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. Every uniform is tailor-made so that everyone will feel comfortable in it.
We are very proud that we found our partner for clothing, the company Hiebaum, within our South-East Styrian region.

Clothing for the cooking and serving classes

Also during our serving and cooking classes we wear uniform working clothes.

Mode Hiebaum
8322 Studenzen 118

Kwintet Austria GmbH
Julius-Welser-Straße 15
5020 Salzburg