Information to the COVID safety and hygiene regulations: The award ceremony complied with all COVID19 safety and hygiene regulations. All participants were tested beforehand to ensure safety for everyone.

Award ceremony of the 24th Styrian Wine Trophy

  • 13 winners and 39 finalists from almost 1000 applicants in 13 categories
  • New category: sparkling wine
  • 3 tasting days
  • Final tasting with a jury of 12 experts
  • Only wine tasting under notary supervision
  • Awarding successful winemakers and winegrowers

Private Schulführungen 2021

24th Styrian Wine Trophy – wine enjoyment in spite of the crisis!

24. Styrian Wine Trophy

Despite the pandemic, the Styrian Wine Trophy took place once again this year for the 24th time under the strictest security precautions.

In a 3-day wine tasting, the finalists and winners of the 24th Styrian Wine Trophy, which was again held in the presence of the notary Valentina Herk, were chosen from over 900 wines

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. This year’s competition also featured a novelty – for the first time, the popular trophy was also awarded in the category “Prädikatswein”. 39 finalists, i.e. 3 finalists in each of 19 categories, were filtered out by means of tastings. The 12 winners were determined by a 14-member jury on the last afternoon.

On Friday 23 April, the award ceremony took place at the Bad Gleichenberg Tourism School, which of course complied with all COVID19 safety and hygiene regulations.

One or two wineries were rewarded for their achievements with multiple nominations. Among them the Pfeifer Winery, which leads the top field with 2 awards for 2 nominations, or the Frauwallner Winery and the List Winery, which were each nominated in 3 categories.
The trophies were presented by the Vice President of the Chamber of Agriculture Maria Pein, notary Valentina Herk, the Styrian Director of Viticulture Werner Luttenberger, the Wine Queen Katrin Dokter, tasting manager Martin Hartinger and school and campus director Peter Kospach.
“We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 24th Styrian Wine Trophy today. After more than a year of Corona crisis, it is especially important to support our winegrowers in terms of advertising. Awards like the Styrian Wine Trophy are an important quality criterion that influences the purchasing decisions of many wine lovers. And for our students, many of whom are undergoing training as young sommeliers, it is a very special experience,” says director Peter Kospach.


The sought-after trophies in the individual categories went to the following winemakers:

Sparkling wine: Sauvignon Blanc Sekt, Weingut Pauritsch, Wies
Schilcher 20: Schilcher Ried Langegg 2020, Schilcherweingut Friedrich, St. Stefan
Welschriesling 20: Welschriesling DAC 2020, Weingut Dietrich vgl. Tischler, Gamlitz
Muskateller 20: Gelber Muskateller DAC 2020, Weingut Kodolitsch, Leibnitz
Sauvignon Blanc 20: Sauvignon Blanc DAC 2020, Weingut Pugl, Großklein
Weißburgunder 20: Weißburgunder Schiefer DAC 2020, Weingut Lambauer, Kitzeck
Morillon/ Chardonnay 20: Chardonnay 2020, Weingut Gwaltl, Fehring
Matured Burgunder 19 & älter: Pinot Blanc, Weingut Posch, Pischelsdorf/Kulm
Matured Sauvignon Blanc 19 & älter: Sauvignon Blanc Premium, Ried Hochstraden DAC 2019, Weinhof Ulrich, St. Anna/A.
Blauer Zweigelt 19 & older: Blauer Zweigelt 2019, Weingut Pfeifer, St. Anna/A.
Rotwein Vielfalt 20 & older: Eruption Rot 2018, Weingut Pfeifer, St. Anna/A.
Traminer 20 & older: Gelber Traminer Klöch 2020, Weingut Domittner, Klöch
Prädikatswein: Morillon Beerenauslese 2017, Landesweingut Silberberg, Leibnitz

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the Styrian Wine Trophy 2021

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The Styrian Wine Trophy took place for the 24th time this year and is proof of the long-standing close cooperation between the Bad Gleichenberg tourism schools and the Styrian wine production. Above all, the training to become a Young Sommelier, a programme that has been in existence for more than 20 years and has already been completed by more than 600 students, is an important component. The consistently outstanding results in the Young Sommelier competitions, which have been won twice, attest the high quality of the wine training at the Bad Gleichenberg Tourism Schools.

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