Daily sports lesson

We start the morning with our daily sports classes!

Since the school year 2013/14 we offer daily sports classes for our first graders, besides the two hours provided in the school curriculum, because it

  • improves the immune system
  • increases physical and mental fitness
  • prevents many chronical diseases
  • promotes your concentration, attention, memory and perceptive faculty
  • reduces the potential for aggression
  • increases body awareness and body control
  • reduces the risk of obesity or overweight
  • improves the capacity to handle stress
  • promotes a peaceful coexistence, fair play and team spirit
  • is the best way to learn how to handle victories and defeats

Since many years we offer our pupils and students a manifold leisure time programme with sports activities such as students-teachers-competitions in soccer and volleyball, basketball, hip-hop, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Thai-boxing, power and fitness training and much more as a counterbalance to everyday school life.

For our girls, there are two ladies’ fitness studios available in the boarding school, primarily for the endurance training. The boarding school for boys offers the “Boys-Gym” with professional equipment for power training.