Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg

Learn something useful!

For 70 years now the Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg have trained successful experts for service providers, in particular in the tourism and leisure time industry.

The special thing about us is that our pupils and students live and learn together. The concept with the motto “learning by living” offers all individuals the possibility to develop socially and personally within their professional as well as private surroundings.

Being clever is not sufficient anymore. Intercultural capacities are indispensable in our globalized world. Our society and our economy need human beings with social capacities and practically-oriented and operative understanding who are able to distinguish between right and wrong and important and unimportant things.

Our training starts exactly there and offers a strong combination of manual and theoretical knowledge. The perfect formula for a successful future – on a professional as well as private level – worldwide.

5 reasons to learn something useful!

Our training strengthens the touristic, economic, commercial and general education. We refer to the special talents of every individual and try to promote them at the best.

Everything is easier having good connections. A fact which you will learn very quickly. As a student from Gleichenberg you are part of an international students and graduates’ network. What others need to learn over many years of hard work, is offered in a package at our school.

You did not clearly identify your real talents yet – at the Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg you can visit us and just try out different things. In your personal test run, you will collect various experiences by completing different jobs, by additional trainings carried out in the framework of junior companies or by living together in the international micro-cosmos of our campus.

Do you want to conquer the world or strike out into a new direction within Austria? The world became a village, but those who have a plan find it easier to come along and are able to orientate faster. We can make a plan together with you: languages, international behaviour codes, leadership and team skills.