Our mission

Tradition and experience

We draw strength from more than 70years of tradition. Successful graduates work in more than 130 countries, many in top positions.

Innovation and readiness to embrace change

We keep well-informed of current developments in society, the economy and particularly in the tourism and leisure industry.


We live and teach the appreciation of regional cultures and culinary specialities.


We believe in open-mindedness and global thinking. On campus we promote intercultural communication and we prepare our students for the international market.


We are one of the most renowned training centres for the tourism and free time industry in Austria. Our graduates are called upon on a regional, national and international level and are ready for work in many areas.

Open to cooperation

Cooperation with regional, national and international leading firms and training institutes gives our students an advantage: improved know-how, shorter duration of any further educational courses and contacts for their careers.


Our students are also our customers. In order to train and look after them in a professional way, we work systematically on our quality.


Our students are young people. We take joy in accompanying them as they develop and we want to share our enthusiasm for tourism with them.

Willingness to work

We are a living example of full commitment, involvement and of the Bad Gleichenberg spirit and we would like to inspire this basic attitude in our students. We do not turn a blind eye to problems, tasks and challenges, rather we face them.

Zest for life

We are an open, optimistic and forward-looking community in which learning and working bring joy.

Knowledge and competence

Through teaching, practical experience and goal-based support, we lead our students to essential skills. We encourage and demand!

Personal development

We support our students through setting an example, clear and transparent rules, direct feedback and individual support in their personal development and we encourage their autonomy.

Community on campus

Our up-to-date campus infrastructure makes it possible for friendships to be born and for everyone to get on respectfully together while on-campus

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. Appropriate activities support living and learning together.

Networks for life

We keep in touch with our students even after they graduate and we actively work on our worldwide network “The Student and Graduate Association”.


We are aware of our own specialist and social capabilities. We therefore encourage a feeling of self-worth, self-confidence and self-awareness in our students.

Ability to take criticism

We are good with criticism and encourage the ability to take criticism. We take all constructive criticism seriously and we use this for our own further development. We appreciate the same from our partners.

Tolerance and respect

We see curiosity and open-mindedness as basic prerequisites for modern careers in the service sector. We therefore demand and encourage respect for all other cultures and opinions and also consideration towards each other.

Boundaries and self-responsibility

We convey responsibility to our students and considerately set boundaries. Through the consequent upholding of these boundaries, we protect them and we enable living and learning in our community.


Our competence, responsibilities and procedures are set out clearly and are subject to the highest standards of quality. This is how we achieve clarity, safety and orientation.


Within our structure we achieve space for personal development and involvement in terms of joint responsibility and vision.


As established experts, we train skilled and qualified personnel for jobs in the service sector. Being constantly up-to-date with training and expertise is our active requirement.

Comprehensive training

We place importance on comprehensive approaches and sustainability. The sound combination of social competence, the ability to lead and professional expertise, as well as the entrepreneurial thinking and conduct of our graduates is an important way of showing what we can do.