Additional Qualifications

Bar keeping & Bar flairing

in cooperation with the Barkeeper Union

From the bar equipment across the preparation of cocktails to decorating and selling or creating your individual cocktails and bar flairing, i.e. show-barkeeping, you will learn many things about the profession of a barkeeper.

Banquet Manager

in cooperation with BANKETTprofi

Details from the first customer contact across the submission of an offer and the ordering process up to the correct accounting are topics of our banquet manager training. Here you will get to know also a special software which will enable you to organize your future events and conferences at the best.

Concierge / Reception

in cooperation with Les Clefs d´Or

Being able to anticipate every wish, knot ties, book a helicopter within a short-term or organize tickets for already sold out concerts – all this and more forms part of the duties of a first-class concierge and our students will be trained in it.

Energy manager in tourism

in cooperation with Energie Steiermark, ecoversum, the energy detective and much more

The topic of energy efficiency and sustainability is so current like never before and becomes ever more important in tourism. More and more companies employ energy managers because regarding this topic everyone wants to take the lead – a promising future job. In this additional training, the students will deal with topics such as relevant energy sources, energy accounting, saving energy potential and much more.

Event Catering

In cooperation with the Genusshandwerk

How do you plan and realize a successful event catering, which aspects need to be considered in the cost calculation of an event and which are the typical challenges in event tourism. These questions and more will be treated in the additional qualification Event Catering in a combination of theoretical and practical units in the context of different events.

Introduction to Digital Tourism

Digitalism is changing our entire life and society. Consequently, it opens new dimensions in tourism and the service industry. Introduction to Digital Tourism gives an overview of the latest developments and looks into the requirements and challenges concerning touristic websites, social media plattforms as well as online travel agencies.

Cheese Connoisseur

in cooperation with AMA Austria

The professional production and degustation of cheese, its evaluation, a professional cheese service as well as a professional consultation are, among other things, contents of our training to become a cheese connoisseur.

Junior wine sommelier

in cooperation with the Austrian Wine Academy

Wine knowledge and wine enjoyment has become an absolute life style topic in Austria. Especially for tourism, wine has a huge potential. With the right training uncountable opportunities are opening up in this area in food service, in the beverage and wine trade, in the event area, in the hotel management, in wine journalism and much more.

Wine degustation, its technical terms, the correct service, wine production and important growing regions around the globe, are key terms which you will learn in the framework of our Junior wine sommelier training. In our annually organized wine trophy our Junior wine sommeliers can demonstrate their skills.

Beer sommelier

in cooperation with the Brau Union Österreich

As only tourism school we offer a training for Junior beer sommeliers. Here you will get to know various details about the beer production, storage, various types of beer and glasses, beer trends (such as Craft Beer etc.), the creation of a beer list and much more.

Coffee connoisseur

Types of coffee, important growing regions, quality criteria for the acquisition, correct storage as well as the preparation of (inter)national coffee and tea specialties, are areas which you should master as coffee and tea connoisseur.

Language Certificates

Especially in tourism foreign languages are a MUST! Hence, we offer you internationally renowned language certificates in English, Italian, French and Spanish.